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Savannah By Night

A Vampire the Masquerade chronicle, using Fate Core rules, beginning in 1984 in Savannah, GA. The city is currently unclaimed, and has attracted some outsiders who are not part of the Camarilla or the Sabbat, including in particular the PCs.  Neither Anarch nor independent, for a time, Savannah just is.

Current Issues

Unqualified people using occult resources.

Impending Issues

What do we do with this city? 

Other supernatural beings are moving in. 

Resolved Issues

What happened to the vampires of the Eastern seaboard?


Some Tremere who used to be in charge – Dan's character, for ex – who are now gone: Augustus Bowles

Zombies wandering around the city

The Freemasons: William Easter

, Marshall Easter

The Sabbat Archbishop of Jacksonville (and the Princes of Atlanta and Charlotte): Juan Obando, J. Benison Hodge, Liliana Grace



River Street Waterfront

Solomons Lodge

was the site of an occult ritual, and ensuing riot, as some kind of monster escaped the building.

Hilton Head International Airport (neutral ground)

Savannah College of Art and Design

Cotton Exchange

was attacked and seriously damaged in a fire.

Wormsloe Plantation

was the site of yet another arson and gun-fight.

The Pirate House

Oglethorpe Gallery

We Want to See

  • At least one Lasombra pirate
  • Someone tearing through the city in an uncontrollable frenzy
  • Emotional turmoil, roiling through your dark, dark soul
  • Actually trying to be a good person and also a vampire

We Don't Want to See

  • Sexual assault
  • Violence against children
  • Wasting time where the spotlight is on NPCs, or on only one PC for a long time
  • The PCs being Dominated to Hell

Some Things About the 80s

  • Hippies are becoming yuppies and conspicuously consuming
  • The blood-plague of GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) is spreading, alarming some Kindred
  • The rise of Japan
  • The Cold War
  • The Satanic Panic
  • Brands become king
  • Long-distance calls cost enough to be worth stealing
  • Mix tapes
  • VHS
  • Zines
  • The FBI has an Occult Crimes Division
  • Vampires in pop culture
  • Camcorders
  • Heavy metal, neon lights, "Greed is Good"


<u>A list of names</u>: Beauregard, Alphonse, Tallulah, Delilah, Violet, Tyler, Harrison, Gerard, Mary Sue, Becky Sue, Beulah Sue, or Bubba Ray , Jefferson Ray, Billy Ray, Atticus. Beau. William. Alex. Becky. Beulah. Caroline. Duke. Jefferson. Lee. Tucker. Abe. Liam. Billy. Really any variation on William, actually. Daniel. Jim Bob, Buell Wayne, Mary Jane, Virginia Lee, Barbara Ann, Linda Diane, Samuel Jefferson, "Dump" (lover of dumplings), Catfish, Neva Fern. Mary Beth, Anna Marie, Mary-Kate, Billy Bob. family names- Jefferson, Layton, Branson, Roland, etc. Woodward. Bea (short for Beatrice), Michelle, Becky, Kathy, Ann. Vernon, Cora, Myrtle, Frank, Pliney, Aldene, Ruth, Smiley, Keever, Dolores. 'Smiley'. Glenda, Bertram, Ellerbee, Bess, Quinn (male.)

Gullah-Geechee names: McKissick, Chandler, Porter, Palmer, Green, Ownens. Fields, and Coleman. Sisco, Sharp, Fryar/Fryer, Mayo, Mayes, and Kelly/Kelley. Diogenese Miller and Eugene Orage. Julius 'Frank' Bailey. Eddie Grant Jr. Sara Reynolds Green. Antwon Ford. Deacon Willie Robinson. Quran Green. Williams. Chisolm. 

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