Yzabel Majri


Originally from Tunisia, Yzabel cultivates a severe presence and deep knowledge.

Yzabel Majri
True Brujah Tal’mahe’ra Handler
The Ends Justify the Means
Carthaginian Noblewoman
Plot: Cultivate Tom’s character so that he is accepted by the TBH, or destroy him because he’s an embarrassment to her
Secret: Feigns loyalty to the Sabbat, and risks a lot doing so

5 Knowledge
+4 Manipulation, Occult
+3 Resources, Stealth, Will
Physique (

Physical 000
Mental 00000
Claws +2, 4 damage
Short-bladed sword +2, 3 damage

Intermediate Potence (+4 Physique, +2 damage)
Dread Gaze +6 (Awe)
Recurring Contemplation +4, Leaden Moment +4 (Hourglass of the Mind)
Unseen Presence +3 (FP Vanish from the Mind’s Eye)
Feral Claws (Eyes of the Beast)

The Tal’Mahe’Ra is different in this continuity. They had the past of seeking to support the Antideluvians in their rising, but the hope behind that was to either find a way to live openly as vampires among humans, or to extinguish the Curse forever. The True Black Hand, when the meet in Stygia,


Yzabel Majri

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