Sarah Underwood


Isaac Underwood’s niece who lives near him on the barrier islands.

Sarah Underwood is a young mokole-mbembe, Isaac Underwood’s niece. She is not a huge fan of being a mokole, and is actually really into technology. She refurbishes arcade cabinets as a hobby, and drives around in her pickup truck to pick them up from the area. She plays her Atari 2600, and will geek out for the NES – she’s been trying to order the Famicom from Japan.

She was convinced by Eugene Sharp that the vampires were an imminent threat, and between them and the Garou they hoped to take out the vampires hard.

Sarah Underwood
Young Mokole-Mbembe
Let Me Live My Own Life
Blerd Before Blerds Were Cool
Plot: Maintain a young adult life – maybe even move
Secret: Wracked by guilt for what they did at Wormsloe

+4 Tech
+3 Contacts, Empathy
+2 Knowledge, Shoot, Survival

Physical 000
Mental 00

Suchlid Form (Halpatee, Alligator): Physique 1 (3), Athletics +1. Bite +1 damage weapon. Armor 2.

Archid Form (Giant Lizard Monster): Physique 1 (4), Athletics +1, Claw or Bite +1 damage 2 weapon. Armor 2. Causes Delirium. (Only as large as a large man)

Physical 00000 + minor, mod, severe


Sarah Underwood

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