Isaac Underwood

Large, well-respected member of the Gullah-Geechee community


Isaac Underwood is a huge man, well-respected by the communities of Wassaw and St Helena Islands. He is very active in the Gullah-Geechee community, and a respecter of the old ways. He can also be a bit of a rascal, and has a reputation with the local women. He is heir to one of the original slave families of the sea islands.

Other Mokole: Eugene Sharp (from another local family), Sarah Underwood Green (sister, married to kinfolk)

Isaac Underwood, heir of one of the original slave families of the sea islands, awakened as a Mokole thanks to a family ritual to try to save some of the islands from the first moves toward gentrification. He is a mokole-mbembe, midnight sun aspice, homid.

He is the leader of the clutch for this reason, including other mokole and kinfolk, who retain the knowledge and memory of Gaia for this region. That has a lot to do with his popularity among the Gullah-Geechee people and Doctor Buzzard as well.

Isaac Underwood
Mokole-mbembe Defender of the Sea Islands (Fire Resistant)
Midnight Sun Auspice (Trickster Auspice)
Deep Memory of the Ancestors (Mnesis)
Big Trouble
Plot: Protect his community from the Garou as well as the Vampires
Secret: Alliance with Doctor Buzzard

Physique +5
Charisma +4, Survival +4
Athletics +3, Fight +3, Tech +3

Physical 00000 + minor consequence
Mental 000

Suchlid Form (Halpatee, Alligator): Physique 5 (7), Athletics +2. Bite +2 damage weapon. Armor 2.

Archid Form (Giant Lizard Monster): Physique 5 (8), Athletics +2, Claw or Bite +3 damage 2 weapon. Armor 2. Causes Delirium.
Physical 00000 + 3x minor, mod, severe

Other mokole-mbembe: Eugene Sharp and Sarah Underwood

About a half dozen kinfolk who helped him in the attacks – five men and one woman.


Isaac Underwood

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