Eugene Sharp

A young Gulluh-geechee man


A friend of Isaac Underwood and his niece Sarah Underwood. A young man trying to balance his identity with modern necessities.

Eugene Sharp
Gulluh-geechee Mokole-mbembe
Ashamed of Poverty
Plot: Over-estimates vampiric influence (paranoid)
Secret: Thinks Isaac is an overbearing hypocrite

+4 Notice
+3 Shoot, Survival
+2 Fight, Resources, Stealth

Physical 000
Mental 00

Suchlid Form (Halpatee, Alligator): Physique 1 (3), Athletics +1. Bite +2 damage weapon. Armor 2.

Archid Form (Giant Lizard Monster): Physique 1 (4), Athletics +1, Claw or Bite +2 damage 2 weapon. Armor 2. Causes Delirium. (Slightly bigger than a man)

Physical 00000 + minor, mod, severe


Eugene Sharp

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