David Cutler Braddock

Wealthy and influential developer on the sea islands


Was, possibly still is, the Ventrue Primogen in Savannah.

Could also be the new Prince of Savannah, depending on how things play out after the attack.

At least one of his havens is on a yacht anchored off of Harbor Town on Hilton Head island.

Semi-aristocratic English accent w/ a little south. But go English. Don’t confuse. (Ha! Failed there. Oh well)

David Cutler Braddock
Nautical Ventrue developer
Only blood with plenty of salt in it
Georgia privateer (connected to pirate house?)
Haven: in a manor house near the Harbor Town Lighthouse on Hilton Head (main)

Appears to be in his late 50s, clean shaven with neck-length hair slicked back. Was Embraced during his “last voyage” – history has no date of his death but it was just quietly reported in a paper. The discoverer of Hilton Head Island in the 1700s, he later returned, intent on developing the area once he had served the Camarilla long enough to earn a modicum of freedom. He havens in his yacht, anchored off of Hilton Head’s most prestigious sailing club.

Also probably being snatched up and allying himself with Liliana Grace, and will end up pressing her priorities.

David Cutler Braddock
Ventrue Captain and Developer
Only Drinks the Blood of Black Women
Sea Captain, Discoverer of Hilton Head
Plot: Steal land from Gullah-Geechee and Develop It
Secret: Believes he should be Prince of Savannah

Resources 5
Drive +4, Manipulation +4
Charisma +3, Contacts +3, Physique +3 (

Stunts: Retainer
Extra: Upgraded Haven, Primogen Title (x2)

Command +3
Intermediate Fortitude: Armor 2, +2 to Physique to defend
Dread Gaze +4, Entrancement +3


David Cutler Braddock

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