Chekili "Chuck"

Yamacraw-blooded local


Revealed to be Ashem’s chide, or even one of his childer. Embraced during the imposition of the Indian Removal Act generations ago, and possibly active since then? Seems upset with Ash, and told him that he needs to make a choice, and soon.

Served by at least two animal ghouls, including a husky named Fang and a raven with a sense of humor.

Chekili has ended up working with the mokole, periodically helping them reduce their own rage in order to keep their communities safe from their potential frenzy.

He’s bitter about Ash, who he sees as basically selfish – thinks he chose torpor during the Indian Removal Act time period as a way to avoid the fight. The two might end up being enemies, and this initial enmity could be a compel based on Ash’s amnesia.

Chekili “takes small steps backward”
Yamacraw Ravnos Childe of Ashem
Embraced in the 1830s
Plot: Live off the land and seek Golconda and Inconnu status
Secret: working with the mokole and Doctor Buzzard to clear away other vampires, who he sees as a plague

+5 Survival (as he’s been out of torpor for most of the time?)
+4 Stealth, Shoot
+3 Empathy, Notice, Physique

Animal ghoul max Skill: +4.
Huge Old Raven: +4 Notice, +3 Athletics (dodge), +3 Fight (swoop, claw and peck)
Obedient Rottweiler: +3 Physique (grapple), +2 Athletics, +2 Fight

Physical 00000
Mental 0000
Rifle +4, 1 damage
Revolver +4, 1 damage

Feral Whispers +5, Quell the Beast +3
Subsume the Spirit or Drawing Out the Beast +3
Basic Fortitude Armor 2

Ally: Isaac Underwood


Chekili "Chuck"

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