Boss City

When the Sabbat cares enough to send the very best


Boss City is a Jacksonville Sabbat pack – a relatively small one with only three members, but three is more than enough.

Gerard is in dress casual slacks and a blazer. Porter is dressed in military surplus and a black tee-shirt. Alix is 80s punked out.

Gerard: Lasombra up and comer (dominate 1, potence 1, shroud)

Porter: sociopath and Nam vet Brujah antitribu (cel 2, pot 1) Athletics (fp) +5, Physique +4 (str)

Alex: Toreador antitribu punk rocker honeypot (cel 1, pres 2)

A Lasombra up and comer named Gerard, a Brujah anti-tribu Nam vet and sociopath named Porter, and a Toreador antitribu punk rocker honeypot named Alex.

They are sort of a delegation sent to Savannah as part of the Impending Issue, from Jacksonville, to make the offer to the vampires who are left. They use Patrick’s intel to now when and where to find the PCs. Try to come off as non-threatening/threatening.


Boss City

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